About the RUOFAN

RUOFAN is a startup team in China, which has been rooted in the Internet industry in Shenzhen, China since graduating from university. Frequent exchanges with people from all walks of life.

Often for a long time, we found that many items produced by engineering in China are actually taken by other middlemen to do differential sales. The middlemen, in order to get a certain to profit, will to the factory to the price to very low, so, although China has cheaper labor, but also very difficult to produce quality products.

The original intention of RUOFAN

This also makes many friends from the country, think that everything produced in my home country is of low quality, but in fact, the above result is only part of the picture.

RUOFAN team is deeply aware that it is an urgent and great thing to recognize good products and share them with everyone, so we will keep the most realistic and strict reviews to bring every good thing to everyone.

Never forget the original intention, we can always get

Sincerely treat people

Work hard

Work hard to earn money

Happy life